Links To Really Helpful GTA V Tips!

So the beau and I have been playing GTA V since the night of it’s release. I was sooo happy that the nearest Gamestop was literally a few blocks from my house which meant I didn’t have to wait as long as most gamers did. (*sticks tongue out* I don’t care! ) 😉

Of course, he had to play it first. (hmph!) Thankfully, he beat it quickly (32 hours to be exact. He’d kill me if I didn’t specify.) and is now focused on the rest of the fun that GTA V has to offer. I’ve been playing too and have been focusing on completing the main story missions before wandering off to other missions and activities. It’s amazing how easily one can wander off in GTA V!

Anyway, as is my duty, I’ve been helping him with missions and such whenever it is requested by finding some answers around the web. I figured I’d share some of the links for what we’ve tackled so far to get 100% Completion.


Here it goes:

This was the perfect guide to locating all of the 50 Spaceship Parts needed for the “Strangers and Freaks” mission – “Omega”. It has videos and everything.

Most recently, we looked up what the “Knife Flight” mission meant and found the answer below. (I simply had no idea what was meant by “8 Knife Flight Missions” needed for 100% Completion; there are 15 locations in total.


If there are any other helpful links I find, I’ll post updates.

Until then,  have fun reading this interesting list of “100 Little Things in GTA 5 That Will Blow Your Mind”:


Toodles! xoxo

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