Well, HELLO There!


It’s been quite some time since my last post after ringing in NYE with ya’ll and I really only have one thing to say:

When will the madness end!?!?

This snow has got me going stir crazy! I mean, I can’t even get dressed the way I’d like to, I can’t go anywhere because I hate the cold, I can’t do ANYTHING!

All I’ve been doing is staying in, working out at home, watching movies and playing games. All for the sake of being busy. LOL


I purchased Final Fantasy IV for the iPad Mini and was stuck on it until I beat it just a few days ago. LOVE FF!

It’s funny how one feels after finishing a game they thoroughly enjoyed though. After it was all over, I realized I wouldn’t have a game to play now.


Anyway, here are some pictures I took that I like. šŸ™‚




SOOO exciting! -_-

I hate winter.

I’m done.