I had a wonderful, chill New Year’s Eve experience this year. It was the first time I spent NYE in my own house in years! (Literally)

Even though I spent it at home with a small group of people, that didn’t stop me (or any of us) from taking advantage of the holiday to glam it up!



Dem shoes though! lol


We watched the ball drop (I refuse to head to the city to do that!) and ate some amazing churrasco. (If you don’t know what it is, TRY IT.)

On New Year’s Day, I sat down to watch the newly purchased visual album by none other than Queen King Bey which was fantastic! I seriously cannot say anything bad about this project. She slayed every song and every video and I’m not even a crazed fan although I do love her. She ended 2013 with the ultimate bang and raised the bar for all artists right now!


SO beautiful!

This pretty much sums up the night, how was your NYE experience?



ImageSo I come home after work and my friend is just sitting on my couch, eating noodles and watching anime like she owns the place.

Comfortable, much?

ImageI head upstairs and decide that I’m going to jump back into my workout routine. Getting back into the jist of things wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be. Actually, I enjoy working out but I wasn’t feeling all that well for the last few days.

I pulled out my ladybug yoga mat that I love so much and did some stretching. Then I watched my favorite workout videos on YouTube (I don’t know what dvd is worth buying so I stick to YouTube for now, lol) and started to pump it! XD

After the main workout I still had some energy left in me so I decided to look up some Zumba videos. Now I’m addicted!

I probably looked like this the whole time:

Not really. It was more like:

Boss status.

This is just disturbing.

Anyway, I did my thing and then I went downstairs to a nice surprise.

A friend of ours stopped by and brought belated birthday goodies!


Thanks @peepmykicks_!!

Can’t go wrong with that!

Then, another friend walks in and she plops this on the table:


How could you?

It’s safe to say, I didn’t eat any last night. Yeah, I’m proud.

BUT, that doesn’t mean tonight I won’t have a go.

Can’t wait to head home!

Oh, almost forgot. I got myself a nice little treat for my day of birth as well.


Until! oxox

What Is This Random Chick Doing Here?


I’m probably writing this for no reason. No one is going to read this but to hell with it. Everyone needs their own space to express themselves which is why I’m here. As mentioned in the one-liner “about me” under the blog title “LadyOnTheGooo”, I’ll be creating posts ranging from fashion-related topics, to DIY projects I take on; adventures I partake in and pretty much anything else my little heart desires.


One of the re-occurring topics you will see from now on that I care about deeply will be on the topic of VITILIGO. Last Summer in late June, I was diagnosed with the skin disease (I prefer “condition”; “disease” sounds icky) that, in a nutshell, destroys the cells that create pigment in our skin. There is virtually no known direct cause or cure for this condition. Just theories. However, it’s a relief to say that, although it is considered an auto-immune disease, that doesn’t necessarily mean that those affected by it have any actual health problems. Some do, but not at all. If you are still unsure, google “Vitiligo” check out images to understand what it looks like on a person who has an extreme case of it.

Fun fact: Michael did NOT bleach his skin because he was ashamed of being black. Michael chose the bleach treatment which is an open option for those who have an extreme case of Vitiligo because he was ashamed of it. He had patches of white all over his face and body that were covered with makeup which is why we never saw them. Back then, there was even less known about Vitiligo then there is today. (Which is very little!) This is why he must have been so ashamed. People look at you funny and may even treat you differently when you don’t look “normal” to societies standards. I am 100% positive that this was the case with MJ, especially having such a high profile celebrity status. The scrutiny he feared might have been every bit as awful as he imagined if he had decided to let it be and not hide it since people can be very cruel.


Anyway, this condition affected me greatly when it first started to appear on my face. As you can see in the photos above, I have patches on both sides of my mouth and one that  actually spread a little onto my lip as well. My first reaction was to think that my boyfriend was going to find me unattractive and break-up with me. (If he did, I would have gave him the finger regardless, so DON’T stay with anyone who is so shallow that they cannot accept a few flaws; it would have still hurt though, as we know) My second thought was that I was going to be treated differently or to be frank, like shit, over this. I spent a good part of that year researching online what was going on with me and whether or not I had Vitiligo or a case of hypo-pigmentation. (Almost the same things but not quite) I tried a treatment called the “ginger treatment” that I read about on a blog. The woman claimed to have “cured” her Vitiligo through the use of ginger root. I’d go into details about the routine but, I just don’t feel like it. Especially since I didn’t see much of a difference. I will say that if you try it out, get ready to do it daily for (more like religiously) 6 straight months before you expect to see any results. (Bummer, I know)

After all that and a big move to a new town, I finally got the chance (and funds) to visit a dermatologist. He took one look at me and said “My dear, you have Vitiligo). I won’t lie about my reaction; I started to cry right then and there and could barely hold it together on my way home. The beau comforted me and asked “Why are you crying over something you’ve been dealing with for a whole year now?” He was right, but I still cried because of it being CONFIRMED. I slowly accepted the fact that I would probably have this for the rest of my life but I was still using Dermablend to cover the spots. Since I had tanned by this time after a visit to the beach, I needed to buy a new shade of Dermablend but the Ulta store nearest to me did not have a shade that matched the shade I had darkened to. I felt naked at this realization that I could not cover up my spots until I lightened up at least which would probably happen during Winter. Yep, I was screwed; at least I thought I was.


One day, I don’t why, but I decided to search the hashtag #vitiligo on Instagram. This literally changed my entire outlook on my situation. My beau was the first and main person to show me that it didn’t matter whether I had Vitiligo or not. He proved more than ever that he loved me for me and I am eternally grateful to have someone like him in my life. However, seeing other people, REAL people, post selfies and use the hashtag in a growing community made my heart sing. I no longer felt alone. I always knew I wasn’t alone in this, but to be able to see and interact with others who knew what I was going through was and is such a blessing.

I have never used Dermablend since.

Still, I highly recommend the product for people who are slowly coming out of their shell due to Vitiligo. If you find your shade, you’ll soon see that it works very well. The only cons are that not everyone will find their shade all the time and it can dry out your skin too. (Depending on your skin type I guess.) It’s still a GREAT product and truly helped me deal through my “hermit” stage where I was covering it daily. Honestly, I’d love to have them sponsor me or something of the like. I really believe in their products and the peace of mind they brought me!


Back to the Vitiligo community though. Through them (and my lovely honey), I stopped covering and started SHOWING. I even made a YouTube video discussing this condition (though not nearly as lengthy as this post) and shared some tips on how to “deal”.

Okay, I know this intro was super long, but I hope that you visit my blog and stay for a while. I’m pretty confident that there will be a little “sumtin, sumtin” for everyone to gain interest in as time goes on.

 With that, I bid thee farewell until we meet again.

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